No teams has needed a win more than Chievo Verona at this point in the season.

Point deduction wasn’t necessary for Chievo Verona
They started the season against the defending champions in a 3-2 defeat. Despite the result, Chievo played a match that indicated a promising season that was going to see them rapidly get out of the -3 and begin improvement on what they accomplished last season.

With 10 wins and 10 draws at the end of the 2017/18 Italian Serie A season and a comfortable 13th place finish in the league, being docked three points at the start of the season after being found guilty of improper practices in their financial accounting didn’t seem too steep for Chievo Verona to recover.

10 matches later and Chievo Verona remains in the negative after a winless start that is composed by 8 defeats and 2 draws and currently has the worse goal difference (-18) in the 5 European football leagues.

Chievo Verona vs Sassuolo
A home match against Sassuolo on Sunday (November 4, 2018) is going to be the next opportunity for Chievo Verona to get out of the negative. Sassuolo might be winless in their last four league matches, but they’ve had a season that shows their ability to get the right result against inferior opposition.

Chievo Verona will be on a 7-match losing streak if they find themselves on the wrong end of the score after playing Sassuolo.

Chievo Verona is on a 6-match losing streak
Cheivo Verona 0-2 Udinese
Genoa 2-0 Chievo Verona
Chievo Verona 0-1 Torino
AC Milan 3-1 Chievo Verona
Chievo Verona 1-5 Atalanta
Cagliari 2-1 Chievo Verona

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